Sally McCoy Reading


Photo by Kevin Stanley Photography. Graphic design by Justin Isett.

Well, we’re a week and a half away from opening the staged reading of Sally McCoy, a new play by Alice Stanley, at The Strand. This play is extraordinary, it really is. I’ve worked on a fair few plays in progress, and I have to say that I’ve never seen a new work that was quite so … tight? Solid? Ready to be published? However you phrase it, this play is certainly heartbreaking and beautiful. The description on the Strand’s website says, “In the midst of the first gruesomely violent event of the legendary Hatfield and McCoy feud, one woman does what she must to save her family. Sally McCoy tells a harrowing and deeply personal story, while also taking a hard look at women’s role in history.” I couldn’t put it better, and I hope that it sees a full production very soon.

In order to get it to that point, though, we need help from our audiences. Each performance of this reading will be followed by a talkback, in which the audience will (hopefully) give lots of insightful and constructive input on what they just saw. If you can make the time, I hope that you’ll come out and see this remarkable play, and stick around to help us make it even better. We run April 21st through the 23rd. Here’s a link to the Facebook event page. Tickets are only $10. What a deal!

I hope to see you there!


Photo by Alice Stanley.

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