About Me


Photo by Britt Olsen-Ecker.

I am a classically trained actress working in and around Baltimore, Maryland.

I hold a BA in Theatre Arts from Drew University, where I studied Meisner technique as well as modern dance, playwriting, directing, theatre history, and theatre tech. The breadth of this program taught me not only how to hold my own in multiple aspects of production, but to appreciate the work that others do to bring a play from the page to the stage.

I also studied abroad at the Fordham University London Dramatic Academy, where I developed my classical skills. There I learned classical text analysis and performance, as well as vocal production, Laban-based movement, physical expression of character (including mask and animal work), stage combat, and Alexander Technique. Our instructors were from diverse backgrounds, some having taught at RADA, others having worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company, and all developed in me a great love for Shakespeare and classical stagecraft.

I further honed my classical abilities as an apprentice at The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, where I studied both classical and Meisner-based acting technique, vocal production, and Alexander Technique. There I also had the privilege of working behind the scenes, painting sets, maintaining costumes, and building props, giving me hands-on experience in the inner workings of a regional theatre.

Since my student days, I’ve worked hard with the aim of continued growth as an actress. I’ve performed in everything from Shakespeare to new works, conventional plays to the avant-garde. I seek out challenges and relish the chance to use the many tools my training has given me. I’m always looking for new opportunities to dig into a character and their world, to find their truth, and to communicate that truth to the audience using my voice, my body, and my heart.

For my current résumés, please click here. For a complete list of roles I’ve performed since I came to Baltimore as well as other work I’ve done, please see my LinkedIn profile.