Well. It’s been a while, huh? After Sally McCoy closed, I said that I was taking a break, and I kinda did. I mean, I performed in the remount of H.T. Darling’s Incredible Musaeum, but that was just a remount, right? No big deal, not INCREDIBLY EXCITING AND WEBSITE WORTHY. Then I won Best Actress In A Play (Non-Equity) from Broadway World, which was only THE COOLEST THING EVER. And after that? Only two entire productions that were beautiful and weird and totally worth writing about.

Sigh. So basically, what I’m saying is that I dropped the ball. Let me write one blog post to update everyone! I mean heck, it’s only been a year.

I stepped into a role in the remount of H.T. Darling’s Incredible Musaeum last November. This was actually a huge deal for me, as I had been admiring Submersive Production’s work for years and had been dying for the chance to work with them. It was a small role as a museum guard, but it was my very first time working in immersive theatre and I was SO EXCITED. Needless to say, it was an adventure learning a whole new kind of storytelling. By the end of the run I almost felt like I knew what I was doing! Hopefully I’ll have the chance to work in immersive theatre again in the future, I find that whole medium to be incredibly exciting.

In January, Broadway World published the winners of its 2017 BroadwayWorld Baltimore Awards, and much to my astonishment, I was named Best Actress in a Non-Equity Play for Sally McCoy. No really, it’s right there in the post! Look!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HOLY COW! So that was exciting, and I have to admit, I’m still pretty tickled by it. No really, it makes me blush and giggle.

Then I did actually take a bit of a break. I spent time with my family, caught up with some friends, and got thoroughly bored. So. Very. Bored.

Luckily, April brought some new opportunities. I had the privilege of stepping in to a role in “Life or Theatre” at Baltimore Annex Theater, a gorgeous new piece by Carly Bales based on the life of Charlotte Salomon, a Jewish expressionist painter during the Third Reich. I played Charlotte’s grandmother, a woman whose love for her family is only eclipsed by her personal pain. It was beautiful and heart-wrenching and difficult, and I really couldn’t be more honored to have been a part of it.

Once that closed, I got to change gears quite a bit for Feral Woman’s production of “In Threes,” a new play by Ren Pepitone, based on the novel “The Quick And The Dead” by Joy Williams. There are no cowboys, and that’s confusing, which is why Ren changed the name. I got to play a viciously seductive ghost and an uncannily wise little girl, and I had as much fun as I’ve ever had on the stage. Playing big, colorful characters with strong scene partners and a supportive director is pretty much an actor’s perfect scenario, and that’s what this play was for me. It also resulted in what might be my favorite picture I’ve ever had taken, courtesy of the ridiculously talented Dave Iden:

20180731_187E (1)

Emily Pickless, “In Threes,” Photo by Dave Iden

Now I’m back in the classical saddle again, as we begin rehearsals this Saturday for “A Chaste Maid In Cheapside,” by Thomas Middleton. I’m back at The Baltimore Shakespeare Factory for this one, which is also exciting – I haven’t worked with them on a regular production in a couple of years, so it’s giving me the chance to brush up my text skills. Some other skills as well – I’m playing Sir Walter Whorehound, and his type is right there in his name. It’s been quite a while since I’ve played a swaggering a$$hole, it should be a good time! Chaste Maid runs October 26th through November 18th, click here for more details.

L0003989 Cheapside in 1639.

Courtesy of Wellcome Images.

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